2020 West 98th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431
Phone: (952) 406-8979


RGC is a registered 501(c)(7) non-profit organization located in Bloomington, MN . This means we cannot exist without generous donations from you! We are managed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of parents and coaches. Parents hold elected positions for two-year terms. Meetings are held monthly and attended exclusively by those elected to the Board. 

Your fully tax-deductible donation is used to help us continue our mission of maximizing the potential of each individual, by providing affordable, quality gymnastics instruction in a safe and fun environment. We believe the sport of gymnastics provides students with many benefits that extend far beyond the boundaries of the gym. Our students learn self-discipline, confidence, social skills as well as an appreciation for physical fitness.


Club President - Mary Lee Tesch-Stevson
Club Vice President - Shannon Smith
Club Treasurer Doug Kleist
Secretary - Margaret O'Connor
Maintenance Coordinator - Kyle Fabian
Club Director Jaime Tsurusaki
Club Director - Krista Wetschka
At Large Position - Jodi Olson

Would you like to make a donation, or have questions about a fundraiser? Please contact Carly Kidd, or call 952-406-8979.